Terminal Specifications

Maximum draught at the berth: 22 metres

Annual capacity: 18 million tonnes, expandable to 25 million tonnes

On site storage capacity: 1.2 million tonnes, expanding to 2.5 million tonnes

Train unloading rate: up to 6,000 tonnes per hour

Vessel loading rate: up to 9,000 tonnes per hour

Capable of handling vessel: up to 250,000 DWT


RTI TerminalDolphin type berth
Berthing dolphins of 150 metres, and mooring dolphins of 370 metres

Maximum vessel size:

325 metres LOA
50 metres beam
20 metres draft
250,000 DWT


Two quadrant slewing shiploaders with a loading rate capacity of 4,500 TPH each; 9000 tonnes per hour combined
Can load vessels built with maximum air draft of 27 metres over cargo holds, measured from HHW with vessel in fully de-ballasted condition
Outreach of 43 metres
The overall hatch length of the vessel should not exceed 240 metres.