At Ridley Terminals we believe that our accomplishments are the total product of every person's efforts. Innovation and improvement of our company must come from those who know our business best: our individual team members.

Each RTI team member is entitled to be treated equally as a valued partner with dignity and respect. Our commitment to participative management creates a safe and secure environment in which each team member has the opportunity to contribute and participate in the management and direction of the company.

Recognition: The contribution of every team member is recognized and the right of every team member to participate in the challenge of managing is the fundamental principle of our management philosophy.

Training: Training, self-improvement and personal growth are fundamental elements of our company philosophy. Opportunities for development of new skills, knowledge and experience are continually identified in directions that best serve the individual and the company.

Hiring: Our highly capable and motivated people make our company excel. Every team member is hired on the basis of ability and overall commitment and contribution to the company. All vacancies will be circulated amongst existing team members, and only if there are no qualified internal candidates will a search commence outside the company. Every applicant is interviewed by potential associates or peers.

Compensation: In recognition of the contributions of skilled people, RTI will endeavour to maintain competitive salaries - a high level of benefits - work flexibility - and productivity.

Goals and Objectives: The achievement of our corporate expectations is shared responsibility. Each team sets its own goals within the corporate expectations and assesses its own progress and identifies solutions to its problems.

Communication: Internal communication lines create an atmosphere where problems and concerns may be discussed frankly and openly. Team members accept ownership of their problems in order to resolve outstanding issues. Each team member has the right and ability to discuss their concerns with each other at a convenient time and place and to openly appeal misunderstandings and complaints.

Our most important resource is dedicated people who contribute their efforts to ensure that excellence prevails throughout RTI.